Our Philosophy

Fascinated with the flawless, minimalistic art of japanese gift giving and its reusable features

Passionate with reducing single-use plastic bags and wrapping

In love with Cyprus

The combination of the three created Φουροshiki!

Combining the Japanese art of φουρoshiki wrapping, together with pictures from the island of Cyprus we aim on one hand to help to reduce the use of plastic bags and one-use packaging while simultaneously to also promote the island. If you would like to see how to use φουρoshiki please visit our “How to φουρoshiki ” page.

What is a Furoshiki (the original Japanese art of gift giving)

The word furoshiki (風呂敷) refers to the craft of using pieces of cloth with specific types of knotting to use as a carry-bag or wrap. The same name applies to the actual piece of cloth itself, which is usually decorated with a colorful design or pattern. It roughly translates to “bath (furo) spread (shiki)” because the cloths were originally used to carry items to the public bath house (the “sento”, a public “furo”) and then used as a kind of bath mat. Today it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to wrapping up and carrying bottles, food, gifts, and other items.

What does our name mean:

Φουρο (pronounced fouro) in Greek is a type of undergarment which is worn underneath  dresses, usually bridal dresses or formal gowns. It is used to provide volume to the dress or skirt so as to accentuate the waistline of the one wearing it. In previous times, women used to wear the fouro under their dresses on a daily basis since it was the fashionable thing to do. Today, the fouro is an accessory mostly used in bridal dresses and more rarely in other evening dresses. The word is from the French word “fourreau” which means a case or sheath.

Example of Fouro worn under a bridal dress

Our Production

We take pride in the fact that our φουρoshikis are 100% made in Cyprus. We value local businesses and endeavour to increase our local socioeconomic impact.