The Almond Blossom furoshiki


Wandering the hills around Troodos mountain in February (sometimes as early as late January) until mid-March, you will find them strewn with white (or sometimes pink) blossomed trees. Nope, they’re not the cherry trees that Japan is famous for, but in beauty and smell they come close! They are almond trees and you can find them in the higher altitudes of the mountain.

Disclaimer: Please note that due to the fact that each item is lovingly hand cut and sewn there might be slight variations in size and seam. We believe that it is this individuality and uniqueness which adds to the character of our product

One of our core values is to reduce packaging used. Therefore we will ship products only in the envelope required for shipping. If you still require wrapping please contact us directly.

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Bonus Tips:

  • Make sure not to miss an almond-sweet festival (a suggestion is the village of Limnatis) in November
  • Don’t try to pick the flowers, they are very fragile, but do try to go close and smell them, it is divine!

All products come in 4 sizes:

28 x 28 cm – pochette (97% pure silk, 3% elastane)

48 x 48 cm – 100% polycotton

73 x 73 cm – 100 % polycotton

93 x 93 cm – 100% polycotton

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28 x 28cm, 48 x 48cm, 73 x 73cm, 93 x 93cm


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